Hostgator Review

HostGator came into existence in 2002, and since has been among the leading web hosting service providers around the world. With its headquarters in Houston, Texas, they still provide high quality services to customers found in over 200 countries with their over 750 dedicated employees. They offer Reseller, Dedicated server, VPS and Shared packages for both professionals and beginners. Each of their shared web hosting packages has a 24-hour support, a 45-money-back guarantee and a 99% up time guarantee. They host over 2 million domains which make up approximately 1% of the total world internet traffic. The firm is both a technology and product innovation company hence serving a customer population of over 200,000. Each of the customer HostGator review supports the fact that the services are worldwide.


The company offers 3 different shared hosting plans which suit the needs of different webmasters. The 3 hosting plans include Business, Baby and Hatchling. Both Baby and Hatchling consist of a similar unlimited hosting feature. The only difference is that Hatchling only allows you to host one domain and you cannot buy a dedicated IP. With the Business one, you enjoy more features as additions to the Baby plan. Some of the additional features include free dedicated IP and a 100-minutes toll free business number.

The wide range of features provided by HostGator that attract many website owners include 1-click installs of website platforms and applications, shopping cart for the ecommerce sites and the site builder option. They have a plan that includes many emails and the customer can also create as many POP3 accounts on the webmail option. Other additional features on email are email aliases, mailing lists, mail forwarding, catch alls and auto responders. HostGator provides spam assassin hence when you are a webmail account holder, you can regulate all the spam emails and any other unwanted junk in the inbox. HostGator also has some improved features which include cron jobs and custom error pages. Cron jobs are the server tasks task that can be automatically scheduled for instance email downloads. Even though these services may be non-essential to web hosting, as a user you, it is more convenient and you have more control over your website.

As a web hosting service provider, they are user friendly. You can learn to use the services just by following the simple and clear tutorials. All the features of HostGator exist to help users. The customer support is readily available to assist you with any queries that may arise while using the services. They respond very fast and efficiently to sort out your problem. They know how negative downtime can be on your website and therefore, work around the clock to keep your website active.

According to any HostGator review, the company has over the years embraced competition and has experienced growth. Currently, they are among the top 10 leading web hosting service providers. Actually, most businesses use their services as they are affordable and efficient, and also because of the dedicated, reseller and shared options. From a recent research on the customers of HostGator, over 97% of them showed significant satisfaction of the company’s services.

Hosting24 Webhosting

Keeping up with the ever growing technology industry, a website is a mandatory requirement for every business. It not only provides an attractive and informative image of the organization, but also provides a key asset to potential clients. With this in mind, you have to be very keen choosing a web hosting site to set up your website.

The feature-packed Hosting24 is one of the best known hosting sites in the world. It is highly ranked not only for outstanding customer service and user satisfaction rating but also for excellent shared, reseller and VPS hosting plans which can be carefully tailored to suit you.

Hosting24 Webhosting has three adorable plans that put all your blogs, photos and data on the web for you. It also gives you the tools, storage and bandwidth, and friendly support when you need help.

The most popular plan is the shared web hosting which goes for $4.84 per month. This will provide you with unlimited disk space and bandwidth and weekly automatic backups. With this plan, you also get a free domain registration and renewal. This package will work for most small business who don’t mind of its traffic.

The second plan is the reseller web hosting package which comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It also offers you a dedicated IP to use your own SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This establishes an encrypted link between the website and the browser. With this bundle, you are also guaranteed with 99% uptime. You can try the services for 30 days and if they do not fit your needs, Hosting24 offers a full refund. The reseller package is powered with cPanel, a world leading Web Host Manager. This allows you to manage your website and also create unlimited cPanel accounts for your clients. You can get this bundle with $14.84 per month.

Lastly, there is the VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting bundle. This is a more robust, feature-rich package with up to 8GHz dedicated CPU power and 8GB RAM. For websites which receive a lot of traffic per day, this the best choice because it offers 100Mbps dedicated connection. The bundle also comes with over 50 templates where you can develop your sites. This package goes for as low as $10.78 per month.

Hosting24 minds the money in your pocket and therefore offers several website builders including the popular Joomla and WordPress CMS. This allows you to develop and maintain your own site hence a guaranteed smooth and supported experience.

In addition, Hosting24 supports all major web programming and scripting languages like PHP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, RoR etc. It also supports query languages like MySQL where you can upload your databases.

Each hosting plan offer several webmail clients with full e-mail support. There are spam checkers to offer you with the most secure and stress-free email experience.

Hosting24 also offers free web hosting transfer for clients who are migrating from other hosting companies. This clears the headache and hustles of transferring accounts especially for those with several cPanel accounts or large chunks of data.

In conclusion, Hosting24 has bundled up all the desirable features in web hosting and offer the best customer experience courtesy of the well trained support personnel. Enjoy the wonderful discounts and features that come with each package.

Hostgator Dedicated Webhosting Plans

Webhosting is a critical factor to consider when establishing a website. Building a website is a great step, however, one cannot benefit from a website without seeking the services of a proficient webhosting company. In a world that is awash with webhosting solutions, it can be quite challenging when it comes to choosing the right one for a company. As such, it is important to have the right information before choosing a webhosting company. Hostgator is one of the leading companies when it comes to having dedicated plans. Here are a number of reasons why you should consider this company to host your website.

Hostgator Dedicated Webhosting

First, it is worth noting that all of the Hostgator’s plans come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This makes it possible for the client to enjoy space and opportunity to store information with much ease.

Since Hostgator comes with shared hosting plans, it becomes very easy to allow the client to come up with unlimited domains. This is both important and advantageous when it comes to hosting a number of websites. In addition, it will play a major role in the professional lives of bloggers and domainers who find it necessary to monetize multiple websites.
The third benefit that comes with using Hostgator as your hosting company of choice is the fact that it comes with other packages that one can appreciate. For instance, it enables you to access unlimited MySQL version 5+ databases. This normally happens when you are writing or preparing the post. In addition, it offers a boost using other applications such as PHP 5, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails among others.

The dedicated Hostgator webhosting plan comes with latest versions of cPanel alongside the Fantastico support. These applications make the process of installing WordPress to be quite easy. In the event that you run into problems during the process, Hostgator makes it possible to address the situation through the able customer support that operates on a 24/7 basis. The benefit of working with these professionals is that they have the capacity to help you in integrating tailor modules upon your request.
Hostgator dedicated webhosting plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The shared SSL certificate that comes with the shared hosting plans makes it possible to access and create viable websites that meet your expectation and purpose. Furthermore, these packages come at an affordable price. Depending on your choice, it is possible to get a plan that best fits your monthly usage or you can consider going for a onetime pay option.

In essence, the Hostgator dedicated webhosting plan comes with extensive promotions and discounts that are quite impressive to any client. These services and aspects of the webhosting company make it possible to enjoy faster server speeds and consistent uptime. This makes your website to remain functional and steady over long durations of time. Lastly, it is worth mentioning the fact that the company makes it possible for you to get all your queries addressed. There is an available support team that ensures that the client’s issues are addressed within the shortest time possible.