2017 Lexus IS: premiere at the Paris Motor Show

The Lexus IS reinforces its sporty design with an update of its image; also improves equipment, opens two new colors and a motor. It can be seen in public and at the Paris Motor Show.

The luxury division of Toyota , Lexus , showed a few months ago the first images of restyling will experience its small sedan. The Lexus IS hit the market in 2013 and as usual, half of its business cycle and equipment update its image. Now, you can already see in public at the Paris Motor Show.

Believe it or not, the entire front has been renovated, making it clear that it wanted to respect the original design, but even more sportiness remarking that follows the Lexus IS. And the current generation IS is still the most successful worldwide.

Headlights, bumper and grille are new – fangled. Draws attention to the immense size of the lower cooling intakes, “sculpted” on the bumper. Also impressed by the role of the central grid, similar to the previous one , but now modified the fold of its surface. The grid itself has two different endings depending on the finish of the IS range. Behind, it has also sought to exalt the sporty design of the Lexus IS. On the one hand, LED taillights “sign” at night with a light stroke L – shaped And secondly, the tailpipes are some very striking chrome frames. Laterally, new wheels 5 double spoke 17 – inch and seek to strengthen, according to Lexus, the IS aesthetic dynamism. Two new body colors will add to the current palette.

Inside, the first thing that will catch the attention of the Lexus IS “model year 2017” will be its new central display, of course , bigger: has increased from 7 to 10.3 inches. The interface has been renewed, the icons are larger and new controls that ensure a more intuitive control of the entire Infotainment system, according to Lexus appear. With new materials and colors, it has also sought to improve the perceived quality of IS. The table presents watches design changes.

Mechanically, it seems that in Spain the new Lexus IS novelty any contribution, since in our country only sold 300h hybrid version , which changes not communicate. Yes will release a new engine, which will lead to the IS version 200t. This version is given a 2.0 Turbo petrol engine, an 8speed automatic transmission, the combination taken NX 200t, the associated small Lexus SUV.

The safety equipment of the IS has been enhanced with the Lexus + pack. This pack will combine the Pre – Crash with autonomous braking, warning lane departure assisted steering, automatic headlights and active cruise control radar.