Alfa Romeo Furia: the supercar that will strengthen Alfa?

Alfa Romeo wants to further strengthen its image and return to its origins, so it could fit a supercar from the likes of Alfa Romeo Furia. 

If Alfa Romeo wants to further strengthen the image and sportsmanship that has so characterized the brand for years, maybe it was a wise move to launch a supercar Alfa Romeo Furia as that designed Breshke Design. Would be a step beyond the recently released Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio , the sports version of the sedan with V6 petrol engine 510 hp.

This supercar shows a very aggressive appearance, with shapes inspired by cars of yesteryear as the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, the Alfa Romeo GTV Spider, Alfa Romeo 33-2 Daytona or even the Ferrari Sergio .

Highlights include the Alfa Romeo Furia steps oversized wheel, caraterística triangular grill manufacturer, protected by carbon fiber and the design of the rear model cabin, the latter with elongated rear lights and LED technology, with an original more like a race car and with an exhaust outlet with a diagonal rear diffuser. The tires have a very attractive design and is clearly inspired by those used by the Alfa Romeo 4C.

The interior of the supercar is not far behind, wearing a leather mixing various shades of brown and inserts carbon fiber throughout its interior.