Brabus PowerXtra B40-600: a Mercedes C63S 600 hp

Brabus introduced us to his latest creation, the PowerXtra B40-600, takes the basis of a C63S with deep revisions in the mechanical section and as it can not be otherwise, also with an elaborate aerodynamics acrecenta even more sporty for those who want to say, hey! I have a car ready. 600 hp and 800 […]

Brabus Rocket 900, a rocket to the nines for Geneva

A machine that removes the hiccups you will steal many brides in Geneva to the already spectacular Brabus 580 Biturbo Coupe. This is his older brother, the Brabus Rocket 900, the second of pearls with which the German coach comes time for your appointment in Geneva. 900 hp, 350 km / h top speed, 0-100 […]

Brabus 700 Mercedes AMG GLE 63S Coupe, pure brute force

The Brabus 700 Mercedes AMG GLE 63S Coupe is the new beast created by the preparer Brabus. The result: 700 hp and a lot of muscle and luxury on the outside and inside. The new Brabus 700 Mercedes AMG GLE 63S Coupe is the new beast engendered by the German tuner Brabus. The premiere of […]

Brabus Rocket 900 Desert Gold Edition, gold tuning

Brabus is present in the Hall of Dubai 2015 as it could not be otherwise. There has presented its Rocket 900 Desert Gold, a very special Mercedes S65. If the Halls of Frankfurt, Paris and Geneva are to present world premieres, the Halls of Tokyo or Los Angeles for news more focused on their local […]