New Honda Civic 5 door: arrive in early 2017

In early 2017 , Honda launched in Europe the Honda Civic 5 – door, a car whose production and export to the United States has just begun. The units sold in our market begin to leave the same assembly lines at the end of 2016. The Honda Civic 5 – door will be manufactured in […]

Honda Civic 2017 so will be the tenth generation

The new 2017 Honda Civic or, simply, the tenth generation- just staying up late for the European market. It goes on sale next March. The tenth generation of the Honda Civic began its journey. Honda revives their gasoline turbo engines, this time to stay, starting with the upcoming Honda Civic. They kick off in Europe […]

Honda Clarity, with three options propulsion

From 2017 the Honda Clarity, in addition Fuel Cell fuel cell version you can buy as electric or hybrid. Honda has announced that starting next year, at least in the United States, already known Clarity Fuell Cell Hydrogen two versions will join. One with an electric motor and a plug -in hybrid, which combine a […]

Honda NSX EV Concept to Pikes Peak, electric missile

The next June 26 is celebrated the legendary climb to Pikes Peak, and there will be Honda NSX with EV Concept electric hundred hundred to fight for victory. After the mythical race of the 24 Hours of Le Mans last weekend, which is another event full of history and passion for gasoline will be held: […]

Honda Project 2&4, a mini-engined F1 Moto GP

Honda presents its new lightweight sports car for the Frankfurt Motor Show. With only 405 kg, this spectacular prototype is powered by a mechanical Moto GP motorcycle 215 hp and reaches up to 14,000 rpm. Surely with the first lines that you have read the Honda Project 2&4, and you have come forward to get […]