Tesla Model S 75: now with much more autonomy

Tesla Model S extends the range with a greater choice of battery capacity for the Model S 70, resulting in the Model S 75, the battery goes from 70 to 75 kWh. After the last facelift Tesla Model S , which adopts a similar front Tesla Model 3 , the brand of electric cars Tesla […]

Tesla Roadster 3.0, closer to 600 km of autonomy

The update 3.0 for the Tesla Roadster is now available, an improvement in the range of electric range and aerodynamics should have seen the light in 2014. Many are those who spent two years waiting for Tesla on his promise to release the 3.0 update for convertible car Tesla Roaster. These improvements announced an improvement […]

Tesla Model S, new update more powerful and more autonomy

The Tesla Model S P85D has received a new update that provides the electric sports car Elon Musk of increased autonomy and power. The electric car par excellence of Elon Musk, the Tesla Model S, received a new package of improvements that make it more radical if possible in its essence. This update enables owners […]

Tesla Model S 70D, 522 hp and 442 miles of electric range

The Tesla Model S 70D is version access this saloon hundred percent electric. 522 hp advertised and a range of up to 442 km. Tesla Motors introduces changes in the range of the Model S. The new version of input becomes the new Model S 70D, which replaces the previous Model S 60. In the […]

Tesla 7.0: Tesla that the lead is only nearer

New Tesla positive step in developing the software and 7.0 set of technologies, which are a vital step in his future autonomous driving car. Tesla Motors continues its research and testing to develop its final autonomous driving car. Its new technologies are included within the so-called version 7.0, which improves their first advances tested on […]