Ford Focus RS HPE400 Hennessey, a Focus with 400 hp!

Before the arrival of a hypothetical Focus RS 500 hp, the preparer Hennessey has given life to this brutal Focus RS HPE 400. Here are the details.

The Ford Focus RS is one of those sports cars that always monopolizes news. The latest rumors suggest that the future Focus RS500 could yield 400 hp thanks to changes made in the electronic engine management, allowing this compact downgrade acceleration figure of 4.7 seconds at only 4 seconds and increase maximum speed of 266-275 km / h. The future RS500 could also see reduced weight considerably Achilles heel model, thanks to the adoption of plastic crystals, adopting some body panels carbon and removing items soundproofing. The aerodynamics would be more elaborate and improve the brakes with the adoption of carbon discs.

Anticipating the brand, the American coach Hennessey just launched to the market a preparation kit for the Focus RS. The Focus RS HPE400 Hennessey, as well it is called, announces 405 hp instead of 350, while the maximum torque rises 47.95 to 58.77 mkg mkg. no performance figures are declared, but obviously should not differ much from those RS500 speculate for the future.

To achieve the aforementioned increase in engine performance, the preparation of Hennessey includes reprogramming of the electronic management, also special air filter, while the exhaust system some components are replaced to improve breathing and obtain a sound still sportier. Externally there are no differences with the model number and unique details that distinguish the RS retouched by the American preparer are the specific anagrams that incorporate both outside and inside.