BMW i8 Roadster, on sale in 2018

The BMW i8 Roadster will be sold in 2018. BMW has confirmed that the range i8 grow with a convertible version, based on the BMW i8 Spyder prototype 2012. The plug -in electric and hybrid BMW offer will grow up to seven family cars i. The most striking of all is the BMW i8 Roadster, […]

2017 Toyota GT86 price

The 2017 Toyota GT86 comes with a more aggressive design and chassis adjustments. It maintains the same power, but what stands out is its competitive price. Toyota has reinforced some of the key points of its GT86 in the first major update of its major sports, which comes to market at a price of 32.990 […]

2017 Opel Insignia: so will the new generation

The new Opel Insignia -second generation- will have its coming-out in the Paris Motor Show 2016. Do your tricks? More design and a firm commitment to technology. Put a date on your calendar: first days of next October, at the be held Paris Motor Show 2016 and in which, among many other great innovations of […]

Nissan Bladeglider: the electric sports of the Olympic Games in Rio

The prototype Nissan will Bladeglider during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, presenting to the world an electric car with an original design and sporting performance. Two prototypes of the Nissan Bladeglider are the Japanese manufacturer shall make plain sight during the 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro. A unit will remain […]

New Honda Civic 5 door: arrive in early 2017

In early 2017 , Honda launched in Europe the Honda Civic 5 – door, a car whose production and export to the United States has just begun. The units sold in our market begin to leave the same assembly lines at the end of 2016. The Honda Civic 5 – door will be manufactured in […]