Volkswagen Beetle LSR: a Beetle exceeding 330 km/h!

The VW Beetle LSR is a very special Beetle, as it has been able to exceed 330 km/h top speed at the Bonneville salt flats Speedway (United States).

Volkswagen America with the collaboration of specialist THR Manufacturing a trainer based in Santa Paula (California) have developed a Volkswagen Beetle very special to achieve a speed record at Bonneville Speedway track the prestigious Utah (United States).

The starting point is a Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 TSI EA888 engine that reaches 220 hp standard, with changes in turbocharger, pistons, connecting rods and cylinder head to achieve 543 hp maximum power with a pair of up to 58.3 mkg. In addition, to manage in the best way possible motor skills has added a limited while some wheels and tires supplied by Goodyear, specific for high speed on the salt surface. is used without changing the structure of its body slip differential, which does not enjoy a great aerodynamics, it has substantially reduced its height to the floor and added a front spoiler while it dispenses with any superfluous element, such as the exterior mirrors. The interior has been emptied, regardless of comfort equipment, while a safety cage a bucket of competition with five – point harness and a fire extinguisher is added. In order to stop the car, plus an oversized brake system has two parachute, a very common solution in this type of preparations.

The pilot in charge of putting their commanders has been the journalist Prestone Lerner, who has stated that digital instrumentation even got to read at a time when 335 km/h. However during the course a mile speed 330.111 recorded was km/h.

Bonnevile: Paradise speed

The framework chosen to beat this brand has been the Bonneville Salt Flats, west of Utah (United States) where near Wendover the famous Bonneville Speedway is located. This is a perfectly flat area with a thick crust of saline soil -composed mainly by potassium, lithium, magnesium and sodium-chloride, which resembles a snow-covered frozen lake, on which many of the top speed records on land are recorded. A desert place, no vegetation where the hottest days mirages are created with a certain ease that seem completely real. Also here races are held as the Bonneville Speed Week, the World of Speed or the World Finals, they were filmed famous films such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At the end of the world or has just lent its name to vehicles from brands like Triumph and Pontiac .